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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Changes to Google Workspace search history from June 14th 2022

Posted on 24/05/2022 18:45:46

We have received the following notification from Google -  


Starting June 14th, 2022 we’ll introduce a Google Workspace search history setting on the My Activity page. It will control search data storage from core Google services.


To get to My Activity, within your Google account go to - Data and Privacy > History > My Activity


Existing and new Google Workspace for Education users under 18 will have Google Workspace search history OFF by default. However, users can turn the setting ON if they choose to do so. Web & App Activity will be disabled from their account and they will be unable to turn it on.


Searches performed in Google Workspace products like Gmail and Drive before June 14th, will appear in Google Workspace search history when it launches.


Google Workspace search history control will enable users to:

  • Store and use search data only for core Google Workspace services
    • Users can get faster and more relevant email and file searches in Google Workspace services like Gmail and Drive only when Google Workspace search history is enabled.                                                                       
    • Currently, when any of the Web & App Activity settings is enabled (admin or end user), we collect search data from both Google Workspace core and additional services. When Workspace search history launches, it will only store search data from Workspace core services, and the Web & App Activity setting will only store search data from Google’s additional services.
  • Enable or disable Google Workspace search history from their My Activity page.                                         
    • Users can also change their Workspace search history retention preferences at any time and configure automatic deletion periods of 3, 18, or 36 months.

Google Workspace search history will be available in Gmail and Drive at launch; more Google Workspace services may be added in the future.


Note: Data stored in Google Workspace search history is only used across Google Workspace core services to improve the Google Workspace user experience.


For more information, please contact the Service Desk on 01603 475603 or ict@norfolk.gov.uk