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SCHOOL ICT NEWS BULLETIN No 149 - 03/07/2009

Published by Children’s Services

Fronter – urgent preparation for end of year roll over

Audience: Fronter secondary schools

The following links give guidance on how end of year roll over procedures will take place in Fronter. It is vital that all Fronter schools follow these instructions to ensure a smooth process, without loss of valuable data. Please follow the documentation in:

Function and Feature Testing Room > Resources > Fronter Integration Documents and Resources:

  • Fronter_MIS_Integration_Deactivation_Guide.pdf
  • Fronter_Start_of_Year_Process_2009.pdf.

Author: Pip Cartwright

Secondary Virtual Learning Environment: Increased Security

The Secondary Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Fronter, has now been given increased security by being configured to work via an https connection. By upgrading the connection to https, the Secondary VLE will be encrypted and protected from attack.

The change over to https will not affect the performance or functionality of the Fronter VLE. The web address http://fronter.com/norfolk is still valid; it is now possible to use the web address https://fronter.com/norfolk to access the Secondary VLE.

Author: Liam Parker

Recent upgrade to e1

On 19 June 2009 there was a major upgrade to e1. How many have had the time to read the upgrade notes to see what has changed? Here are some key things that have changed that you might find useful.

New Features

Ad hoc Reports

When creating ad hoc reports you can now select whether you want a margin or not.


A fill check box has been added on the left when recording weekly attendance. This allows quick selection of all the days.


A brand new section has been added to this release of e1 called Provisioning. This will allow you to provide pupil level activities (Provisions) for pupils with specific learning needs who are being educated outside the standard timetabled events in your school. To run this you will need to install Adobe Flash Player 10 on all e1 client machines. You can download this software by going to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/


Pupil and Personnel photos are now displayed on their core pages.


Ad hoc Reports

  • The number of excluded sessions is now being calculated correctly when creating an adhoc report using Number of Sessions from within Exclusions.
  • When adding or editing a columnar report you can now add a general remark field and remove the display name.


  • When recording attendance by week for an Interest Group, the attendance is no longer greyed out and can be edited.
  • Pupils’ names are now showing correctly on the Attendance Weekly Report when printed.


Copying assessment definitions from one year to another is now working correctly.

Pupil Management

Problems encountered when editing some fields of a New Intake record have been resolved.

Staff Management

The leaving date on the Employment tab is now cleared when you move a former staff member to current.

Standard Reports

  • The Card Index and Emergency Details reports now print the doctor’s telephone number correctly.
  • The format of the card Index report has been corrected.
  • The Confidential Medical Report now sorts pupils alphabetically by surname.
  • Page numbers have been corrected on the Family Update Form and contacts are now printed in SOS priority order.

Author: Carole Barwell

Norfolk Children’s Services Staff Well Being Programme

We have received feedback from schools telling us that they are receiving many emails regarding wellbeing and reducing stress of staff. The Wellbeing Programme does not promote any companies selling wellbeing, stress or employee survey solutions. We also make no recommendations of companies to use.

Any general communications coming from the Children’s Services Wellbeing Programme come via e–courier or through the post bearing the Wellbeing logo.

Please contact the Wellbeing office if you have any queries on 01603 222326.

Author: Paula Amis

E2BN Secondment Opportunity

E2BN is currently looking to second a teacher (any phase) to the core team for two terms from January – July 2010.

Please see the attached job description and application form.

Closing date is 18th September. Salary will be current salary (up to top of UPS) + TLR2.

Author: Kathy Olsson