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ICT Solutions is currently undertaking a review of the filtering options available at each school/academy, please follow the link to see what options are available and fill out the form at the end to let us know your requirements

Internet Filtering Review


Category groups

Netsweeper automatically analyses any website that is accessed and puts them into categories. Categories are allowed or blocked depending on the nature of them. For example, if a website is categorised as education it will automatically be allowed however if it gets categorised as pornography then it is automatically blocked.

Some categories can either be allowed or blocked depending on the category list it is in. For example Primary Category List 1 blocks access to Social Media but Primary Category List 2 allows access to websites categorised as Social Media. A school or academy wishing to access Facebook and Twitter may choose to go on Primary Category List 2 to enable access to those websites. 

Full Netsweeper category list

How to allow and block websites

Your school or academy can allow or block websites yourselves, this is either done 1 of 2 ways. 

1. ICT Managed Schools or Academies can request that the Service Desk make the changes on their behalf. Notification from the Head Teacher or an authorised delegate is required in this instance.

2. A School Managed account has the ability to allow and block websites themselves using the Netsweeper portal. 

Full School Managed User Guide here

Allow or Deny Websites Directly

With the Netsweeper filtering solution schools can manage their own specific block and allow lists and have greater control than ever before.

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Splitting Staff and Students filtering (Level 2) and Active Directory (Level 3) filtering options

School Managed accounts have the opportunity to configure Netsweeper further by activating either Level 2 or Level 3 filtering. Level 2 allows for different filtering levels for up to five different groups, allowing you to set different filtering levels for staff and students for example, and Level 3 allows for granular filtering using Active Directory Integration.  

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SSL Inspection 

All HTTPS sites need to have SSL Inspection turned on to able you to browse safely and securely to them, not having this enabled shows error messages like your 'connection is not private' security messages.

How to check SSL Inspection

YouTube and Iplayer filtering controls

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Netsweeper has functionality to view which websites are being accessed in real time. This is a useful tool to check if websites are being allowed or denied, and can also be used to diagnose blocking issues.


How to access logs of websites in real time

Infected Hosts block page