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School Information Management System Package


ICT Services and Capita have formed a partnership which delivers the latest Hosted SIMS platform to you anytime, anywhere.


SIMS Core Suite acts as the hub of your SIMS system, for driving performance throughout the school. SIMS has an extensive capacity for holding detailed information about pupils and staff. With all your information in one place, you have everything you need to see the complete picture of every pupil. And all relevant staff can have access, enabling teachers and school leaders to make real time decisions based on evidence.


SIMS is an integrated solution. Information entered once is available throughout the system and the data you collect at the initial enquiry is used throughout the pupil’s time at the school. Once the applicant has accepted their place, their information is automatically available, to produce their bills, timetable, class lists, reports and much more, avoiding the need to manually rekey this information.


Access key data on individual attendance, academic progress, conduct and achievements on a single screen with quick links to details, useful for discussions with parents when they call or visit. You can track achievements, behavioural instances, details of lateness and any missed curriculum time, all from a single source. This detailed picture can help you better support pupils needing additional support as well as to challenge talented and gifted pupils, helping all your pupils perform to their full potential. Once the pupil nears the end of his/her time at the school, SIMS can help with the completion of university references, providing a full, historical record of the pupil’s education.


The SIMS package also gives you:


  • Support from our team of SIMS experts
  • The new Hosted SIMS product (2016)
  • SIMS Discover
  • Local Authority Reports
  • Access to additional training sessions, workshops and help guides.

SIMS Core Suite


SIMS Core Suite provides quick access to all the following information:


Pupil data

 • Basic details – including language, religion, nationality, passport details • Pastoral details – including registration group, year group, boarder status, languages spoken, medical and dietary details • Agency and contact details associated with pupils and their relationship – including phone numbers, details of relationship with child, parental responsibility, languages spoken, correspondence history • Parental consent – details of permissions to take photos, receive sex education, internet access in school • SEN details • School history details • Communication log • Linked documents


Staff details (personnel)

• Basic details • Professional qualifications • Training record • References • Absences • Linked documents • Employment documents (contract details, CRB checks)


Achievement and Behaviour

• Record achievements under individual pupils (awards, house points) and conduct (detentions)


Statutory returns

• Pupil statutory returns • Staff Central Register returns



• Comprehensive set of reports • Simple wizard for report creation • Report writing tools • Drag and drop data items to produce lists, details of pupils attending school trips including emergency contact numbers, medical and dietary needs • Ability to organise reports in folders including mail merge and labels



• Basic tracking and recording of admissions • Intake groups