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NSIX Account Support and Identity Management

The following pages provide information on our Identity Management system and creating Google NSIX accounts for school staff and students. Alternatively you can view these links via the Support Content Site Map or use the Search facility at the top right of the page.


Google NSIX Email accounts terms of use and responsibilities


Creating Google NSIX Email accounts for Staff and Students


Protect your NSIX Google account with 2-Step Verification


Moving Google NSIX Email account contents


Google NSIX Email E-Safety monitoring guidance


Managing your Google NSIX Email E-Safety group



Identity Management


Introduction to what the Identity Management System (IDM) is and the data it holds


Tab file data export definitions for creation of IDM/Google accounts


Identity Management data validation and error reports



NSIX Account Details

Account details files detailing all email addresses and passwords for your school can be requested via the following form: 'NSIX Account Details and Password Lists' . These are sent out via the AVCO AnyComms Plus secure data transfer system once an hour, on the hour. 

If any of your accounts are in error then you will also receive error reports. Please review these as the errors will need to be resolved. You can contact our service desk ict@norfolk.gov.uk for further support with resolving any account errors. 

If your school uses SIMS MIS and has Groupcall Xporter installed to connect to our IDM then account details files are automatically sent to the School Administrator via AnyComms every Monday morning.

If you send in tab files with your staff and student data then you will receive a new set of account details files via AnyComms each time you send in a tab file.