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SCHOOL ICT NEWS BULLETIN No 154 - 04/12/2009

Published by Children’s Services

School Workforce Census Training – places still available

9th December 2009

West Norfolk PDC

09:30 – 12:30

£45 subsidised (contract) £69 subsidised (non contract)

16th December 2009

Norwich PDC

09:30 – 12:30

£45 subsidised (contract) £69 subsidised (non contract)

Author: Rachel Hudson

Norfolk Primary Tracker moves to e1

Now: Latest Update

A pilot group of schools have successfully tested and developed a version of the Norfolk Primary Tracker within e1. The marksheets allow teachers to input data using a simple on–line form, which can then be analysed in depth.

Spring Term: Data Transfer

ICT Solutions Field Support Technicians (FST) will be able to transfer data from the existing Excel based Norfolk Primary Tracker into the e1 MIS. They may also be able to support and advise schools using other tracking systems with transferring their data. Where schools have contracted an FST, this can be done during their regular visit.

Other schools will be able to pay for this service, or transfer the data from the Norfolk Primary Tracker themselves using the export routine and guidance, which will be available through the ICT Solutions website.

Basic instructions will be available so that schools can keep their tracking data up to date on e1, until the assessment co–ordinator has attended the summer term training, avoiding the need to keep two systems running.

Summer Term: Training and Support

From April, training for Assessment Co–ordinators will be available from ICT Solutions and the Advisory Service. Following training, schools will be able to use an efficient system for entering and analysing pupil data. On going support for using the marksheets in e1 will be provided through ICT Solutions. Advice and support in using and analysing pupil data will be provided by the Advisory Service.

Author: Carole Barwell

ICT Solutions Contracts Team: Printer Cartridges, HP Equipment and New Ordering System

For important information regarding replacement Hewlett Packard toner cartridges and Hewlett Packard equipment that is now available for purchase plus details of the new ordering system being used by ICT Solutions please see the following Microsoft Word document.

ICT Solutions eBulletin154.doc

Author: Rob Price