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SCHOOL ICT NEWS BULLETIN No 161 - 24/03/2010

Published by Children’s Services

Internet bandwidth improvements for all NSIX connected secondary schools

From Wednesday March the 24th we will be improving the Internet bandwidth to all NSIX connected secondary schools from 10Mbps to 20Mbps as part of a controlled increase. This will take place over the next few weeks gradually so we can monitor the impact on the core services such as filtered internet access.

Author: Jason Zelos

New Fronter Helpsheet – School Administrator Task calendar

A new helpsheet has been produced to help those who are administering the Fronter virtual learning environment at their school. The helpsheet is in a calendar format, listing the tasks to carry out for each month, the supporting document for that task and where that document can be accessed. The tasks which are covered include emptying room recycle bins, the Start of Year Process (commonly known as end of year roll over) and applying your school templates.

To access the helpsheet go to the Fronter Admin Training room, look for the link, on the left hand side of frontpage of this room, called – School Administrator Task Calendar.

Alternatively, if you are logged into Fronter use this fronter URL to access the helpsheet directly


If you are unable to access this helpsheet please send an email to norfolkfronterteam@norfolk.gov.uk so that this can be rectified.

NB: Fronter is the Secondary School Virtual Learning Environment.

Author: Liam Parker

ICT Solutions Training Services

FREE Training for new secretaries and administration personnel

18 hours training available for newly employed secretaries and administration staff at Norwich PDC and West Norfolk PDC.

Benefits include:

  • Maximising business processes in your MIS
  • Networking opportunities
  • Confidence building
  • Quality training in dedicated training venues
  • Hands on experience in a controlled environment.
School Workforce Training

SUBSIDISED £46.00 (contract) £71.00 (non contract)

School Workforce workshops provide important up to date information for completing the workforce census and the opportunity to work on your own data.

Spaces available on 7th October at Norwich PDC and 20th October at West Norfolk PDC

To reserve a place please visit our website www.eficts.norfolk.gov.uk/training/booking/ or telephone 0845 303 3003 and speak to Training Services who will assist you.

e1 Creating Letters and Merg reports training – spaces still available

This course is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills necessary to create their own reports and letters based on data in the e1 database. It will include:

  • Choosing the appropriate type of report
  • Selecting fields from the database
  • Formatting output
  • Exporting output to Word, Excel and other programs

22nd April 2010
Norwich PDC
£92 (contract) £141.00 (non contract)

e1 performance assessments data entry and e1 annual update (roll over) training.

Courses now available to book in May June and July at Norwich PDC and West Norfolk PDC

Please note: If your school migrated to e1 post September 2009 then you are entitled to one free place on assessment data entry and annual update (roll over) courses.

To reserve a place please visit our website www.eficts.norfolk.gov.uk/training/booking/ or telephone 0845 303 3003 and speak to Training Services who will assist you.

Author: Rachel Hudson

Added value to the ICT Solutions contracts for 2010/11

ICT Solutions have made the following improvements to contracts for 2010/11:

Silver Plus contracts

  • NEW – the renewal and purchase of Symantec End Point licences for antivirus, spyware and threat protection
    Following a pricing review with Symantec to reflect the volumes of licences we are supporting in the County, from 1st April 2010 ICT Solutions will include the renewal and purchase of new Symantec End Point licences in the Silver Plus contract at no extra cost. This will save schools approx £7 for licences for each PC per year and £5 for licence renewals per year.This is in addition to the automated version updating service which is part of the Silver Plus contract. We will be updating at conference on the other benefits this contract offers schools and your staff.
  • NEW – installation of new equipment and upgrade existing – your Field Support Technician can cover single item installs up to maximum of 1 hour per FST visit* eg memory upgrades, connecting teacher's laptop to whiteboards and workgroups, a printer, a curriculum PC, single software installation to single PC. *Terms and conditions apply
  • Extended – multimedia projector preventative maintenance visits – this has been extended from covering 2 projectors for visits twice per annum to your Field Support Technician covering all projectors in the school

Bronze contracts

  • NEW – Remote support and diagnostics have been added to Bronze contracts.

These areas represent significant improvement to the value of contracts provided by ICT Solutions by using technology and bulk buying power to offer a more effective and efficient service.

Author: Lynn Parvin