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School ICT News Bulletin No. 181 - 06/05/2011

Published by Children’s Services

Network Managers Event

The next Network Managers event will take place at Barnham Broom on 16th June, commencing at 12.30 with lunch. The agenda is currently being finalised and will be circulated shortly.

Author: Jenny Tallent

SIMS training – places still available

There are still places available on Census training, Key stage Assessments and Preparing for the New Academic year (rollover).

7th June 9.30am - 12.30pm

7th June 1.30pm - 4.30pm

8th June 9.30am - 12.30pm

8th June 1.30pm - 4.30pm


Training is delivered by Capita on laptops with training data (which protects your data from being corrupted and ensures a quality training experience) and the cost is £100 per delegate per course which includes course materials and refreshments.  Further SIMS training is useful, particularly Key Stage assessments and Preparing for the new academic year as these topics are not covered in depth in the basic 4 days ‘getting you started with SIMS’ training.

Full details of all training courses can be found on the ICT Solutions Training Services section of our website.

Author: Rachel Hudson

Free Places at the E2BN Regional Conference for E2BN schools.

Great News!!

Free Places at the E2BN Regional Conference for E2BN schools.

In light of schools now having received their financial settlement for 2011/12, and recognising the financial constraints that exist, E2BN have decided that every school in E2BN will have the first two delegates places free of charge for the regional conference.

These will be on a first come first served basis, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Go to http://conference.e2bn.org/ for details of the event.

Author: Sheila Denny

SIMS Project Update

The latest SIMS project update is now available: ‘SIMS Project Update ( doc 64kb)’.  This document includes updates on:



      Training on Dummy data                                                               

      Difficulties with logging in/Pre-technical requirements

      How many times should I need to log in?

      SLG and Full Client access

      Adding additional Users

      Passwords and Single Sign on

      Primary Licences for ‘Full Client’

      Data Conversion – Attendance Data

      Attendance Data – Missing last week of Summer Term

      Medical Practices and Doctors

      Staff Contracts

      Medical Codes

      Waiting Lists

      Photographs and Accredited School Photographers

      School Photographers – Batch Import in photo importer

      ICT Staff on School Database


      SIMS Support for Primary Schools, Special Schools and PRUs

      SIMS Support for Secondary Schools

      SIMS Workshops

      Future Training Courses

Author: Carole Barwell

Password policy change for Norfolk IDs

ICT Solutions have revised the Norfolk ID password policy for school staff in readiness for Single Sign-on services. As your Norfolk ID and password will allow access to multiple online services, we need to ensure a strong password is used to meet e-safety and security requirements.

When you next change the password associated with your Norfolk ID, you will need to include a combination of upper case, lower case characters and at least 1 number. You can change your password anytime at https://password.nsix.org.uk and we would advise you to change your password regularly.

In future, any new staff accounts we create will already be set with a password meeting the stronger policy.

For staff, passwords must be at least 8 characters in length, and additionally meet the following rules.

  1. Must have at least one character from each of the character sets A-Z, a-z and 0-9.
  2. When passwords are changed, you may not use any of the last four passwords you have previously set
  3. Passwords must not contain sequential alpha numeric sequences with a run of three or greater (e.g. ABC or 123)
  4. Passwords must not contain identical alpha numeric sequences with a run of three or greater (e.g. AAA)
  5. Passwords must not contain any phrase derived from the word password or similar.
  6. Passwords must not contain your username.
  7. Passwords must not contain your first name.
  8. Passwords must not contain your surname.

Author: Mark Carway

Teachernet Website and Access to S2S

The Teachernet website has been decommissioned.

Access to S2S can be gained via the following link:


Guidance and links can be found on the new DfE website which replaces Teachernet:


Author: Terry Elden