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School ICT News Bulletin No. 183 - 25/05/2011

Published by Children’s Services

Using Netmedia Content in the Google Virtual Learning Environment


You will be aware from MI 68/11 Management Information Sheet Search that the centrally funded Norfolk County Council contract that enables your school to use the Netmedia Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) will cease at the end of August 2011 and that it is not possible to renew the contract. The position in relation to VLE funding is set out in MI 33/11 Management Information Sheet Search

Google VLE

ICT Shared Services is using Google Apps to provide simple to use, secure and supported VLE functionality for those primary and special schools who do not wish to use Fronter.  The Google VLE will ensure that access to content, including Espresso, is delivered.  ICT Shared Services will develop the Google VLE over time – it is currently being piloted in 8 schools and implementation will start in September 2011.

Using Netmedia content in the Google VLE

Many schools want to use existing Netmedia content in the Google VLE. As it is not possible to migrate this automatically, we advise that schools who are planning to use the Google VLE take the following steps as soon as possible:

  • Identify the Netmedia pages you wish to re–use
  • Save each page using the instructions at the end of this MI Sheet. Once a page has been saved it can, at a later date, be re–constructed in Google Apps (pilot schools have told us that they consider that this is straightforward and relatively quick to do)

Instructions and examples

Here are the instructions for saving a Netmedia page:


Here is an example of a page converted to Google Apps:


and here are the instructions on how it was achieved:


If you have any queries or feedback or would like assistance to help you do this please contact the Service Desk on 0845 3033003 or tanya.allen@norfolk.gov.uk

Author: Jo North