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School ICT News Bulletin No. 187 - 19/07/2011

Published by ICT Shared Services

Schools update about Espresso

Schools update about Espresso

Previously we told you that the contract for Espresso ends on 31st August 2011 and the grant funding is no longer available. Therefore we have entered discussions with Espresso to investigate the possibility of a single arrangement for all schools in Norfolk subject to approval. This would secure the price for the next 3 years and will be cheaper than individual school arrangements.


Please be aware that in either case schools will need to pay.


Next Steps


To enable this to happen we need to understand which schools would like to use Espresso and therefore will be writing to schools on 8th September with costs, asking schools to sign up for the next 3 years. Schools will need to respond by Friday 23rd September 2011 to ensure content can be provided.


In the meantime Espresso have kindly agreed to continue providing content until the end of September to allow time to collect this information without disadvantaging schools.


If you have not signed up to either

  • ·         the county contract or
  • ·         made your own arrangements directly with Espresso

by  23rd September 2011you will not be able to access the content after 30th September 2011.


Contact Schools Business Partner Lynn.Parvin@norfolk.gov.uk if you require further clarification but otherwise you do not need to anything until we contact you in September.

Author: Lynn Parvin