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School ICT News Bulletin No. 194 -

Published by ICT Shared Services

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Password policy has been applied to all staff

Subject: Password policy has been applied to all staff

As stated in a previous communication on 13th September 2011, the NSIX password policy for staff has now been applied to all existing staff members.

Services Affected: School staff Google email accounts and Sims OpenHive login

Services Not Affected: Pupil Google email account and any other ICT services


If school staff did not change their passwords by the 22nd September 2011 this will now have been done automatically.

What you need to do

If your staff members have not updated their password you may experience an increased number of “I can’t log in” enquiries from your school staff. An up to date list of the passwords which are delivered via Avco Anycomms will enable you to assist your staff with their query.

You can request an up to date list of username/passwords from the Identity Management System at any time by visiting http://www.ict.norfolk.gov.uk/SSO/WebCall.aspx and choosing your school from the drop–down list. The file will be delivered via Avco Anycomms.

For more information

Contact the service desk ict@norfolk.gov.uk or telephone 0845 303 3003 if you have any further queries.

Author: Rob Price, Service Desk Manager