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School ICT News Bulletin No. 203 - 19/06/2012

Published by ICT Shared Services

ASSET MANAGER SERVICE - Summer Inventories Available With Training.

With the summer break quickly approaching, it is an ideal time to ensure your school has a compliant inventory of its equipment and furniture for the start of the new school year. This summer we are offering this package with training to schools requiring a new inventory.

The Norfolk Asset Manager Software application is designed to provide schools with an easy to use comprehensive electronic inventory of all assets including furniture held at the school.

Asset Manager maintains a full audit trail of equipment and calculates replacement and depreciation costs for all items included in the database. Asset Manager is approved by Norfolk Audit Services. It also enables schools to comply with Item 6 of the Financial Procedure Manual.




License renewal

No yearly expensive subscription fees like other products.

Tracking the school’s assets


Easy to use icon based system


Saves school time and effort of completing their on-site inventory reporting i.e. report by location, items, depreciation & replacement 


The software enables schools to easily provide reports for audits


Gives schools the ability to plan budgets for replacing assets


Automatically allows schools to monitor depreciation annually and monthly


Centralises information on annual health checks meeting H&S requirements

Schools can update easily, link and update Asset Manager following Refresh Programme

Instant recall of information when embarking on Capital, Refresh, Ofsted planning and Finance Audits.

Data on assets is centralised saving time finding data from different sources i.e. Make, Model, Serial Number, Supplier, Order Numbers, Funding Sources, location  



If you would like further information on the software, already have Asset Manager and require assistance / re-fresh training or your inventory is out of date and you require a new one:

Please contact James Webb on 0845 303 3003

Author: James Webb

E2BN conference - Technology Making The Difference

Technology Making The Difference


This year’s E2BN conference is an opportunity for us all to take time to think about the enormous impact technology has on the lives of young people and more specifically how it has, does and will continue to change teaching and learning for us all.


Try the latest technologies and hear from those pioneering them in their own classrooms through a range of practical workshops; talk to suppliers and pick up a range of advice and inspiration from our conference speakers. Talk to the E2BN staff who will help answer your e-safety, broadband, networking and technology related questions. Find out about Computer Studies and programming, how to use ICT creatively across the curriculum and what you need to do about copyright.


Two free places per E2BN School


Book your place now at: conference.e2bn.org


Conference details:

26th and 27th June 2012

The Robinson Centre, Wyboston, Beds MK44 3AR


Author: Jill Duman

Security work completed on school generic email accounts

The planned outage to enable security work to take place on the school generic email accounts (Office@, Head@ etc) was carried out successfully on 8th June between 14:00 & 16:00.

Author: Rob Price