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School ICT News Bulletin No. 212 - 03/12/2012

Published by ICT Shared Services

Schools Smoothwall Internet Filtering Update

Earlier this term we advised that we have found a filtering solution that is a like for like replacement for the current service which can be delivered within the constraints of the current contract, but in addition provides more granular and flexible solutions for those schools that require it.

We told you that we intend to move to the new Smoothwall service as soon as possible through a formal project once the solution had been validated by our commercial team and technical processes.

ICT Shared Services is pleased to announce that we have submitted a change request with BT to implement the Smoothwall solution through a project.

The replacement product means that schools can have the same range of filtering profile options as currently exist. So schools can continue in the fully managed profile most schools currently have. No additional training will be required for this option.

The benefit of the change will be the option to have an on-line portal to change access to content for example different classes, year groups, for certain times of the day or year etc. at no extra cost to the school. This option might require some level of user training to administer the online portal to meet your filtering requirements.

As per previous discussions the change of product is within the constraints of the existing contract and does not incur additional costs for NCC.

We will of course continue to keep you informed on progress and advise timescales of the project as soon as possible as well as more detailed information about the options available.

Author: Lynn Parvin