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School ICT News Bulletin No. 225 - 16/08/2013

Published by ICT Shared Services

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Smoothwall Internet Filtering Update

BT have been piloting Smoothwall with a number of schools and with the support of some very helpful schools’ staff providing accurate feedback on performance, we are confident that we are able to move to the Smoothwall filtering solution


To make absolutely sure that there is no impact from this change the following will happen:


Saturday 17th August  - BT will move all schools from the Bluecoat filtering service to Smoothwall for final configuration testing

Evening of Tuesday 20th August  - all schools will switch back to Bluecoat to avoid any unforeseen disruption during exam results period

In the event that some schools may see this screen below - this is because of a misconfiguration on the filtering system, so please contact ICT Shared Services immediately on 0845 30 33 003 with the following information:



The number of staff in schools using the service between Saturday to Tuesday will give us sufficient data to validate the service.

This means that on Saturday 24th August - BT will move all schools from the Bluecoat filtering service to Smoothwall .

The intention is that this will be a permanent move to Smoothwall however BT will continue to monitor the service from this date as more staff return to school over the following week.

In the event of any disruption BT will roll back the service to the current Bluecoat Filtering service. It is therefore important that if you have any disruption to your Internet service (i.e. speed displaying web pages, or pages being blocked that were previously available to you) that you contact ICT Shared Services Service desk on 0845 30 33 003 with a description of the problem you are having and ideally the time this took place.

Created on: 16/08/2013 11:57:45