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School ICT News Bulletin No. 230 - 25/10/2013

Published by ICT Shared Services

Apple iOS security


ICT Shared Services has produced guidance which outlines the steps Apple have taken to make their mobile operating system secure and gives advice to schools and head teachers about how to implement that security.


Passcodes and Apple ID passwords

Passcodes are held securely and locally on the device - 3 levels of security options

  • a simple 4 digit numeric code that the user enters to access the device.
  • This can be made more secure by turning off Simple Passcode in Settings > General > Passcode Lock and entering a longer alphanumeric code. It would take 5.5 years to break a 6 digit alphanumeric passcode based on 80ms between attempts.
  • You can also protect the device further by setting it to automatically wipe all data after 10 failed attempts.


To see the full document please click here

Author: ICT Shared Services

Web Services


Does your website tick all the boxes for Ofsted inspection?

This term we are releasing a new simple web site template to help schools publish the information required by the School Information Regulations 2012 as outlined in MI sheet 134/12.

For just £200 ICT Shared Services will create for your school a website that ensures you meet the regulations as well as providing the information the Ofsted inspector will be looking for as part of the pre-inspection preparation.

ICT Shared Services will upload the website to your Norfolk Broadband Service provided web hosting with the pages for the key information all branded with your school name.

Full instructions will be provided on how to update text, include links and upload pictures. For more information please click here

Alternatively we offer our Managed Web Service Package which will deliver a complete website where you have the control to create what you want.

This option is a web based content management system so you can edit it where ever you have an internet connection.

Our Managed Install Package includes the 7 most common pages, with a choice of 40 designs

Author: ICT Shared Services

Windows XP and Office 2003 - End of Support from Microsoft

Microsoft’s support for these products ends in March 2014, whilst these products can still be used after this date Microsoft will not be releasing any further patches / security updates after this deadline. As a result the continued use of this software would represent a significant security risk.

Whilst many schools have already upgraded to Windows 7 and Office 2010, there remain a significant number that need to take urgent action. To assist with this ICT Shared Services has developed a range of upgrade packages, for more information click here

Author: ICT Shared Services