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School ICT News Bulletin No. 233 - 10/01/2014

Published by ICT Shared Services

Managing your filtering at a school level

With the new Smoothwall SWURL filtering solution in place, schools can manage their own Individual filtering block and allow lists without affecting other schools on the Norfolk Schools Broadband. This will enable schools to have greater control over the tools/websites they choose to use within their own school.

By agreeing to manage your own filtering policy you will need to understand that the responsibility of safe usage by pupils and staff will be held by the Head Teacher and Governing Body.  It is imperative that you are aware that filtering decisions made when controlling the school filtering policy are your responsibility and you could be held accountable if they have failed to safeguard members of your schools’ community by not taking all reasonable precautions.

Your SWURL will be implemented based on your current caste as a starting point - Any additions on the SWURL will take priority over your filtering caste (with the exception of anything contained within the Global block list which is restricted due to their content being unsuitable for children i.e. adult content sites)


Please note unblocking You Tube will only be possible for schools that are on the elearning caste. This is because of the additional measures that are required in school for safeguarding due to the lower filtering restrictions of this profile. See here for the different profiles and here for how to change your profile.



Option 1 – School Managed SWURL


1)         Please send the declaration to ICT Shared Services signed by the headteacher and Chair of Governors. 

2)         Provide details of up to 3 nominated members of staff who you wish to control your SWURL – please provide name, role and email addresses. 

3)         Once all documentation has been received your SWURL will be activated.


Option 2 – ICT Shared Service manage your SWURL on your behalf


1)         Please send the declaration to ICT Shared Services signed by the headteacher and Chair of Governors

2)         Requests for filtering changes can be submitted to our helpdesk via ict@norfolk.gov.uk.  For child safeguarding reasons we will only accept requests that have come from the head@ email account. 


Declarations can be scanned and sent to ict@norfolk.gov.uk or by post to ICT Shared Services Service Desk, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 2DH. 


Link to declaration form

Author: School Apps

AnyComms Plus Update

Following the implementation of the new AnyComms Plus application at the end of 2013 for the census returns we are now progressing the migration of other files from AVCO to this new solution.  Details of these are below:


School Census Returns

The School & Pupil census on 16th January should be submitted to Louise Hodgson / Gill Williamson via AnyComms Plus.  A user guide is available for this

http://www.ict.norfolk.gov.uk/resources_support.aspx under the Security and Data transfer option.


Finance Files

We are now in the process of setting this facility up - Children Services Finance team will contact you regarding roll out plans when available.


NSIX Username and Passwords from 20th January 2014

Following successful testing, we are pleased to report that the staff and pupil e-mail downloads will be available from AnyComms Plus starting from 20th January 2014.  The files will be available to users who have the role of “School Administrator” in AnyComms Plus and will continue to be updated daily.  Until the end of the month, files will also continue to be available on the original AnyComms client to allow schools to transition to the new system and be confident that only the relevant users in school have access to the data.

From testing we have identified that where currently files are replaced with new ones if they are not downloaded, this will no longer happen so users will be required to delete old files on a regular basis for the time being. 


CTF transfer between Norfolk Schools

This functionality is now working to enable schools to transfer CTF’s to any school in Norfolk.  Please continue to use S2S for out of county schools.


  • Please select “send to Organisation”
  • Browse to CTF file and select
  • Select required school from drop down list
  • Select “school Administrator” role. 
  • Press “Upload file”
  • The recipient school office@ account will receive an email alerting them of the file to be downloaded

If you have any queries regarding AnyComms plus or require access to the system, please contact our Service Desk on 0845 303 3003 or email ict@norfolk.gov.uk

Author: School Apps