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School ICT News Bulletin No. 243 - 03/10/2014

Published by ICT Shared Services

Discovery Education Espresso Service

Thank you to all the schools that have renewed or are now newly subscribed to the Discovery Education Espresso service, since 1st September 2014. We are pleased to announce that so far, 55% of Norfolk schools have benefitted from the fantastic special renewal rate currently being offered - and as a reminder, any school not currently subscribing can also take advantage of this offer!

Some great news for you is that as the Norfolk Local Authority are keen for their schools to benefit from this offer they have agreed to let us extend the renewal/new-subscription pricing to all Norfolk schools until 10th October 2014.  

If you cannot locate the previous email from the Local Authority or the letter we sent through the post, just call us on 020 7870 4536 we will be very happy to talk through the options available for your school.

The Discovery Education team 

Author: The Discovery Education team

Mobility with Apple for Education

Apple technology has changed how people connect, learn and live. This session provides an overview of two essential aspects in mobility: digital content and device deployment.
In this session, you’ll learn about types of mobile content media, documents, applications and more and the workflow for creating, accessing and sharing digital content in a mobile environment. You’ll also learn about deploying and managing devices.
The session is a combination of presentations, demonstrations and hands-on exercises. After this session, you’ll know which sessions to attend next, to learn more about relevant technical areas for your environment.
This session complements the Apple Learning Tour. If you’ve attended the Apple Learning Tour, some content in this session will be repeated.
Event ID: 1608963
Date: 14/10/2014
Time: 10:00 - 15:00
Location : Norfolk

Author: ICT Shared Services