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School ICT News Bulletin No. 263 - 10/12/2015

Published by ICT Shared Services

December eBulletin Update

Generic Email Migration – FAQ’s

Further to our recent MI Sheets regarding the migration of your generic email accounts (i.e. head@, office@) we would like to clarify some frequently asked questions and myths:

What will happen to my email address?

County Broadband Contract

Current Email Solution



School uses County supplied Generic Accounts

Your generic email accounts and Norfolk.sch.uk domain will be migrated over to our Office 365 tenant.


There will be NO changes to the addresses of your email accounts  as a result of this migration. i.e they will still be head@schoolname.norfolk.sch.uk. It is is only the technical platform which supports the accounts which is changing.




School has their own email exchange server and alternative domain (i.e. school.org.uk)

A new IP address will be supplied for you to route your email server through, to remove accessing via BT servers.  Please note this will remove the messagelabs filtering/spam filters and these will need to be managed at school server level.


Your generic email accounts and Norfolk.sch.uk domain can be migrated over to our Office 365 tenant at your request.  Your generic accounts will cease from 31st January 2016 if you have not requested for them to be migrated.


There will be NO changes to your email addresses.



School has its own Office 365 tenant set up for Norfolk.sch.uk domain

Please contact us as your Norfolk.sch.uk domain can only be registered once on an Office 365 tenant.  

The options are:

1)    Transfer your domain records back to NCC so we can add to our Office 365 tenant and migrate your email accounts.

2)    NCC arrange for the transfer of your email account records to your own Office 365 tenant for you to control and manage.


There will be NO changes to your email addresses.



Email accounts supplied by ISP or own internal email exchange server

Your generic email accounts and Norfolk.sch.uk domain are no longer hosted by ourselves. 

Our new solution means we can manage your generic email accounts for you, please contact us for more information.



Why is there a charge for these accounts from 1st April 2016?

From previous communications and the schools' broadband survey customers told us they want the new broadband contract to cover core broadband and internet services and choose to purchase other optional services.

This means the Microsoft 365 offering will be available as a separate contract offering from 1st April 2016 for any Norfolk schools and academies. The cost of the service will be £175.00 for up to 10 accounts. Additional accounts can be purchased. Additional accounts can be purchased however for schools with a Protech contract we will not charge for any additional generic email accounts. There are no charges for encryption.

Microsoft 365 for Education is free for web client access. Our fees will cover the support overheads of managing the domain and support for users. This means we will take care of the technical requirements of domain management, spam and malware filters and MX records. For full client licencing queries please email ictcontractsteam@norfolk.gov.uk.


When do I need to make a decision?

You do not need to make a decision now as these accounts are covered under your broadband contract until 31st March 2016; we can migrate your accounts and then transfer them over to you at a later date if you wish to make alternative arrangements.


When will the migration happen?

We will be carrying out a pilot prior to the Christmas holidays, and ideally we would like to migrate everyone across to the new solution by 31st January 2016.


What is included with my new Office 365 account?


  • Web email with 50 GB of storage
  • Office Online (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Calendar and Sway)
  • SharePoint Online
  • Skype for Business
  • One Drive Online
  • Email Encryption
  • Domain Management
  • User Management
  • Email Filtering

 What will happen to my generic email accounts from 31st March 2016 if I have not signed up to continue with them?


All generic accounts on the current BT exchange server will be deleted prior to 31st March 2016.  For schools that have migrated across to our Office 365 tenant these email accounts will continue at a charge of £175.00 per annum. 


Can the Norfolk.sch.uk domain be transferred to my school?


Your Norfolk.sch.uk domain is owned by your school and you are able to redirect this domain to an email supplier of you choice.  NCC will need to raise a change request to have the domain redirected and this will need to be completed prior to 31st March 2016.   


Where can I find more information about the new Broadband contract?


Please refer to MI sheet 232/15 





Author: ICT Shared Services