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SCHOOL ICT NEWS BULLETIN No 96b - 05/04/2006

Published by ICT Solutions & Norfolk Education Advisory Service

ICT Refresh Programme for Schools

How does the funding work?

In response to a number of queries from schools the new funding works as follows:

Devolved capital formula funding

Devolved capital formula funding has been increased from 2006-07 by 20% compared to 2005-06 to include 16.66% of the total allocation for ICT hardware and infrastructure expenditure for schools.

School Development Grant

This is a new fund which includes approximately £16 per pupil for ICT expenditure for Nursery, Primary and Special schools and Pupil Referral units and approximately £26 per pupil for Secondary schools. These figures are approximations because there is some variation as funding is related to pupil numbers in 2006/07.

How much does Refresh cost me?
  • The concept of ICT Refresh is that schools contribute both these funds into the 4 year programme with guaranteed 95% return.
  • The remaining 5% would be available as an insurance fund to ensure service requirements could be met at all schools throughout the contract.
  • Money not spent in the insurance fund would be returned to all schools in the programme pro rata to the amount they contributed.
  • Spending is related to the contribution allocated to the fund for that school and based on joint planned discussion. Monies outside the contingency fund will not be varied between schools.

Please note that schools not within the initial takeup may still join at any time throughout its life.

For the rest of this article including the benefits of Refresh please follow this link http://ictsolutions.norfolk.gov.uk/ictrefresh/. In addition full information is available at our website by selecting Refresh from the A-Z index page.

Author: Glenn Carter

Inappropriate Web Site

We wish to draw to your attention to the existence of a web site which we feel you might wish to bring to parent’s attention. The site in question is www.bebo.com and encourages children to sign up and join their school. It offers pupils the opportunity to post details, pictures and messages about themselves and members of staff at their school. Unfortunately it would appear that the web site is being used for bullying, pornography, drugs references and other unsavory activities.

Whilst the web site is blocked from access on the Norfolk schools network we are obviously powerless to dictate what is viewed in the home. We would therefore like to advise schools that they make parents aware of this site and the dangers associated with it.

If you have any concerns regarding this site please go to the Internet Watch Foundation at www.iwf.org.uk to log your concerns.

You might also find the following sites useful when tackling the problems of Internet safety, www.nch.org.uk/information/index.php?i=209, http://schools.becta.org.uk/index.php?section=is.

Author: Glenn Carter

Children’s Email Address Details

It has recently been brought to our attention that a company calling itself Juniors.com is contacting schools by telephone and requesting details of children’s email accounts and passwords. Never release any details about staff or children’s account details to a third party. Treat any similar request with suspicion. If you are uncertain then you may wish to contact Children's Services Data Protection office.

Author: Glenn Carter


As per MI sheet 168/05 , funding for the support and use of the AssessIT software package ceases with effect from 31st March 2006, a MI sheet will be published soon providing details of future arrangements. Schools that currently use AssessIT and wish to continue after 1st April 2006 will have to fund the cost of the AssessIT module directly from their schools budget. The annual charge for the software and support for the FY 2006/07 will be £170 for Primary Sector and £185 for High schools. If you wish to continue using the software after 1st April please contact ICT Solutions Service Desk as a matter of urgency. All schools that have loaded AssessIT but no longer use the software must remove it from every computer upon which it was loaded. There is no un-install option in the software therefore AssessIT can only be removed by dragging the AssessIT folder and all of its contents to the waste bin and then select empty the bin.

Author: Glenn Carter


New compulsory absence codes will become effective for all schools from the start of the autumn term in September 2006.

Details of the new codes were published recently in a document called Guidance to Schools on Attendance – Norfolk, sent to all schools by Val Creasy, Education Officer – Attendance.

There is no need to introduce these codes now. The new absence codes will be created automatically by Phoenix in software to be released in the summer. This will ensure that historical records for year 05/06 reflect your current codes.

In an effort to standardise attendance returns, the DfES have deemed the new absence codes will not be modifiable.

Further information and guidance is available on the DfES School Attendance website.

Click on the link http://www.dfes.gov.uk/schoolattendance/otherinitiatives/absence.cfm and scroll down to Documents.

As further information regarding the changes becomes available, documentation will be published on the ICT Solutions website.

Author: Glenn Carter

Broadband Downtime

Both Milecross Library and Gorleston Library will be undergoing maintenance to fit uninterruptible power supplies in the next month, dates and times plus a list of schools affected will be posted on our website once confirmed.

Author: Glenn Carter

Broadband Benefits

Some schools have queried exactly what is contained within the broadband contract, information explaining the benefits of the local authority recommended system will be posted on the ICT solutions website by the end of next week. A summary of the service can be found within the Services to Schools brochure available on the ICT solution website under S on the A to Z at http://ictsolutions.norfolk.gov.uk/ServicesToSchools2006/broadband.asp*. *please note this link may change.

Author: Glenn Carter

Norfolk Police Information Kiosks

Many high schools are installing information kiosks in conjunction with Mike Green from Norfolk Police. These machines need to report back via authenticated FTP and so will need an address reserved for them between .1 and .7 on any 24 bit subnet, as these are the only addresses that are permitted direct FTP access to the internet.

Author: Glenn Carter

ICT Solutions Training Courses

New Secretary Training session 4 & 5
Date: 23/3/06
Venue ICT Solutions
Duration: 9.30-4.30
Cost: FREE to new secretaries £78 per session for those requiring a refresher.
*lunch and refreshments included

Advanced ICT skills
Date: 21/3/06
Venue: ICT solutions
Cost: £125
Duration: 9.30-4pm
*Lunch and refreshments included

Examination Module
Date: 27/3/06
Venue: ICT Solutions
Cost: £78
Duration: 9.30-1pm

Creating and Formatting letters
Date: 28/3/06
Venue: ICT Solutions
Cost: £78
Duration: 9.30-1pm

Assessment Manager Data Entry
Date: 26/4/06
Venue: WNPDC
Cost £82.00
Duration: 9.30-1pm

Assessment Manager Data Entry
Date: 27/4/06
Venue: ICT Solutions
Cost: £82.00
Duration: 9.30-1pm

You can submit a booking request online by selecting booking from the A to Z on http://ictsolutions.norfolk.gov.uk/.

Author: Glenn Carter