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E2BN Conference - 4th to 5th July 2006

A two day conference and exhibition for heads, teachers and others concerned with the potential impact of ICT in education to be held at:

The Robinson Centre, Wyboston, Beds MK44 3AR
4th and 5th July 2006

This year's conference, Expanding Horizons, will focus on the opportunities for new and more personalised ways of learning offered by the use of ICT across the curriculum, both in school and at home.

Delegates will have a chance to:

  • Engage and question those responsible for educational policy
  • Sample the latest technology through hands-on workshops
  • Have access to a range of practical advice and assistance
  • See examples of how innovation and best practice is transforming education in schools across the region
  • Discuss and debate topical issues

The conference sessions and workshops have been organised to help teachers and head teachers, as well as ICT and support staff, gain the confidence to implement ICT more effectively within their schools or subject areas. In collaboration with the DfES this conference will also focus on a number of key initiatives that will lead the way in transforming education and extending horizons in Learning and Teaching. They include:

  • Every Child Matters - the DfES' five year strategy to put the child at the centre of learning.
  • Harnessing Technology - maximizing a learner's potential through the personalisation of their learning and development.
  • Learning Platforms - what exactly are they? What is their potential and what support/provision is available from Local Authorities and Regional Broadband Consortia?
  • The 14-19 Agenda - extending opportunities in this critical phase of a young person's life through high-quality vocational and academic opportunities and partnerships with colleges and the workplace.
  • The National Primary and Secondary strategies.
  • Building Schools for the Future - a £40 billion investment over 15 years. We look at how this will affect schools.

In addition there is an ever growing demand for accountability and the need to raise standards through systems of self-review like the ICT Mark, for example. There is also an awareness of the needs of the individual learner, increased decision making at a local level as well as an emphasis on innovation and flexibility. A number of workshops will explore the underlying technical and organisational support required by these increasing demands in line with current best practice.

For more information please visit http://www.eficts.norfolk.gov.uk and select E2BN Conference from the A to Z.

Book your place online now. For further information please telephone 01525 632020.

Author: Jason Zelos

Service Desk Changes

Following feedback from customer surveys and visits during the Autumn term, ICT Solutions are implementing the following changes to improve service delivery.

  • The appointment of a Customer Services Manager who’s main role is to facilitate and oversee changes as they relate to customer satisfaction.
  • Procedural Service Plan changes based on the Becta Framework for ICT Technical Support http://www.becta.org.uk/fits

To help us in this transitional period it would be useful if leaving a message on the answer phone that as much information as possible is left.

  • Name of school and person to contact plus telephone number or email address.
  • Remedy reference number (if known).
  • Detailed description of the nature of your call. i.e.
    • Hardware or software.
    • Name of product and problems experienced.

ICT Solutions is also developing a programme of work based on the customer survey which we will make you aware of in due course.

Author: Jason Zelos

ICT Solutions Training Services

Phoenix Gold

End of Year Roll over workshops places still available at:

Venue: ICT solutions

Date: 19th June
3rd July
11th July
12th July
17th July

Times: 9.30 & 13.30

Cost: £44.00

Venue: Gt Yarmouth Racecourse

Date: 5th July

Time: 9.30

Cost: £44.00

Venue: West Norfolk Professional Development Centre

Date: 28th June
29th June
13th July

Cost: £44.00

Author: Michael Pickett

Phoenix e1

We are pleased to announce that 18 High Schools have registered their wish to become "Early Adopters" of the Phoenix e1 management information system. The first school to move to Phoenix e1 is Litcham High School, which became ‘live’ from Monday 5 June – immediately following half term.

The next batch of 8 High Schools will begin the migration process before the end of the Summer Term, with the aim of them being live from the beginning of the Autumn Term 2006.

Next, from the October half-term break, will come: Thorpe St Andrew, Wymondham High, Archbishop Sancroft Harleston, Dereham Northgate, Dereham Sixth Form Centre, Reepham, Diss and Alderman Peel Wells.

Wayland High at Watton will complete the Early Adopter High School group immediately after Christmas.

High Schools not listed above will be invited to join Phoenix e1 during the Spring Term 2007, at a time to be agreed with them.

Primary Schools and Special Schools will be invited to join the Early Adopter Scheme following on from a series of demonstrations that will be scheduled during the Autumn Term.

If you have any questions regarding the Phoenix e1 Project, please contact the Project Manager, Richard Whiting on 01603 228836, or by e-mail richard.whiting@norfolk.gov.uk

Author: Michael Pickett

Opportunity for primary schools to attend workshop relating to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for their ICT infrastructure

Becta has developed a model that will help primary schools understand their investment over time, plan for sustainability within budgets and develop the appropriate infrastructure for their needs. It is based on the concept of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – calculating the true cost of ICT infrastructure by looking beyond the initial cost of hardware and software alone" but also covers the cost of formal and informal support.

ICT Solutions is arranging a workshop on Thursday 21st June at 9.30am for coffee. 10.00am start. The session should last no more than 1.5hours. Venue to be confirmed.

We would be grateful if you could let us know as early as possible, but no later than Wednesday 14th June, if you wish to attend.

Please email ictsolutions@norfolk.gov.uk or contact James Webb at ICT Solutions on 01603 475629.

Author: Michael Pickett

Federation Against Software Fraud

Software police to target local authority schools

A campaign against the illegal use of software in schools has been launched. Visit http://www.UKauthorITy.com/articles/story1608.asp for the complete story. If you would like further advice or assistance then please contact us at ICT Solutions.

Author: Michael Pickett

Asset Manager - April Returns

If you have a Silver level of Asset Manager and you have received an email asking you to send in your files to be updated, can you please send them in before the end of June 2006.

Your files need to be updated and checked for Audit purposes. This will include a costings update - to have today's correct value for each item.

Amendments - any changes that need to be undertaken on your behalf.

Any items that need to be disposed or added.

If you have any problems sending, or you cannot find your files, or if you have any questions regarding Asset Manager, please do not hesitate to contact Leah Fletcher on 01603 475605, or email leah.fletcher@norfolk.gov.uk.

Author: Michael Pickett