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SCHOOL ICT NEWS BULLETIN No 103 - 29/11/2006

Published by Children’s Services

RM Easymail Template Change

Over the next month we will be moving all staff and secondary school students to the outlook-like RM EasyMail Plus template. Having completed this task we will have a baseline to work from. You may then request a template change by email to ictsolutions@norfolk.gov.uk or via the Request Assistance link on our website.

Author: Jason Zelos

Faster serving of web pages

HTTP 1.1 compression is enabled for secondary schools accessing the Internet via the Norfolk schools broadband service.

HTTP compression is a simple way to improve website performance and decrease bandwidth used, with no configuration required on the client side.

We have assessed the benefits of this change and an example is that the front page of www.amazon.co.uk reduced in file size from 80KB to 20KB. This means reduced bandwidth and faster page loading times. Browsers that do not support HTTP 1.1 extensions will be served uncompressed content as before.

No action on your part is needed.

Author: Jason Zelos

RM Easymail Blocked File Attachments

A list of file attachment types filtered or blocked by the RM EasyMail Plus email system is available on our website by selecting:

Email > RM EasyMail Blocked Attachments from the A to Z at http://www.eficts.norfolk.gov.uk

Author: Jason Zelos

Telephone Information.

If you need advice on telephone systems, telephones and your telephone bills, please contact Leah Fletcher on 01603 475605 who will help you to find a solution to meet your requirements.

If you want to purchase a new telephone system and a company called BT contact you, they are not BRITISH TELECOM. They are a company called BUSINESS TELECOM. This company is not ESPO or Norfolk County Council approved and we have been advised not to use them at all.

We have also been made aware that a company called GLOBALNET TELECOM has faxed some schools stating that the schools telephone billing service is changing. Please call the company and inform them that you do not want to change your billing provider. Then contact you existing billing provider and inform them that you have been contacted with regards to this.

If you are interested in changing your billing provider, Cable and Wireless are ESPO approved. You can find this information in the Dealing Direct book on page 181. For further advice you can contact Peter Legind on 07787 128778.

Author: Mark Carway


Please contact Leah Fletcher should you need advice about photocopiers on 01603 475605.

ESPO Contract 272d

The Norfolk representative for Konica Minolta is Mark Hardy (01603 703040). He is responsible for all Norfolk schools. No other reseller of Konica Minolta products is ESPO approved. Danka are the only ESPO approved supplier of Infotech products within Norfolk.

1) RENT NOT LEASE. Only one document should be signed at the point of order to ensure that it is an ESPO rental, anything which refers to a finance company is in fact a lease.

2) NO MINIMUM, FREE OR INCLUSIVE COPIES SHOULD BE AGREED. This will increase the settlement costs of any unsatisfactory contracts and is only for the benefit of the supplier.

3) FREE IT SUPPORT OF NETWORKED/CONNECTED MACHINES. This can cost as much as £200 per annum and is free with Konica Minolta.

Author: Mark Carway

Phoenix Gold School and Pupil Census

School and Pupil Census – January 2007

From January 2007 all sectors of schools will be undertaking the same return.

The new return follows the same format as previous PLASC (Pupil Level Annual School Census) returns, but there are some significant and new data items that you will need to familiarise yourself with. The School Census will now be collected termly, albeit fewer data items will be collected in the Summer and Autumn terms. By moving to termly collections the DfES is dis-continuing a number of other data collections that were previously sought direct from schools and LA's.

Guidance is available on the ICT Solutions website at http://www.eficts.norfolk.gov.uk.

As there are several changes to previous returns it is important that you carry out a "Dry Run" to familiarise yourself with the processes and new data items required.

Author: Mark Carway

Norfolk Video Awards for Schools

The NOVAs (Norfolk Video Awards for Schools) is running for a second year.

If you are interested in entering, please go to this link on EsiNet http://www.norfolkesinet.org.uk/pages/viewpage.asp?uniqid=2766 for full details. You can email Sheila Denny at sheila.denny@norfolk.gov.uk to register your interest.

Author: Michael Pickett

Phoenix Gold 1.37 Release

The latest version of Phoenix Gold has been sent to all schools. This version contains the amendments that enable schools to carry out the DfES School and Pupil Census in January 2007.

General Information as well as detailed guidance notes are available at http://www.eficts.norfolk.gov.uk.

Please note that as part of the Census, all schools with an approved travel plan are required to record the usual mode of travel to school for every pupil. An information sheet has been prepared which gives more details. Click here to view the information sheet.

Author: Michael Pickett