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SCHOOL ICT NEWS BULLETIN No 104 - 12/01/2007

Published by Children’s Services

Phoenix Gold - January Return Error in NCCret File

An error has been found in the NCCret file for creating the January Return. No leavers are found for the current Academic Year.

To correct this, click the link below to download the attached file and save this to your Desktop. Then update your Resource File within the NCC Specials module, select Returns to NCC then select Update Resource File.

Download the resource file by clicking this link.

Author: Jason Zelos

Phoenix Gold - School and Pupil Census

All schools are required to carry out the DfES School and Pupil Census on Thursday 18th January

We strongly advise that all schools carry out at least one "Dry Run" before the day.

In particular we suggest that you ensure that

  • Your attendance records for last term are up to date
  • You have collected details of your numbers of computers and Interactive White Boards in your school - for the ICT Data
  • You liaise with your SEN Coordinator to ensure that all your SEN records are up to date
  • If you are a school with an Approved Travel Plan - ensure that the mode of travel data field is completed for all pupils
  • Ensure that your Staff records are up to date

In previous years we have received a high volume of calls to the Service Desk during the week when the Census is carried out. Therefore by carrying out a "Dry Run" now you will be able to familiarise yourself with the process, and, should you require any assistance, the ICT Solutions Service Desk will be able to give you help before you run the actual return.

Guidance is available on the ICT Solutions website at http://www.eficts.norfolk.gov.uk.

Should you require any assistance with the SAPC Return please contact the ICT Solutions helpdesk.

Author: Jason Zelos

Telephone Systems. Help and advice

If you wish to purchase a new telephone system Leah Fletcher will advice you on your requirements.

If you do have a company called BT contact you they are not BRITISH TELECOM they are a company called BUSINESS TELECOM. This company is not ESPO or Norfolk County Council approved and we advise you not to use them.

Please also be aware of a company called GLOBALNET TELECOM. This company may contact you by fax or phone and inform you that they are taking over you phone billing as you old provider is closing and they can provide cheaper billing for you. This is incorrect, please inform them that you do not wish to change and inform you existing billing providers that you do not wish to change either.

Please contact Leah Fletcher on 01603 475605 if you would like any information, help or advice regarding telephone systems. Including questions on contractors etc.

If you are interested in changing your billing provider, Cable and Wireless are ESPO approved. You can find this information in the Dealing Direct book o page 181. For further advice you can contact Peter Legind on 07787 128778.

Please see ESPO Dealing Direct page 180-181 Contract 393A

Author: Mark Carway


Please contact Leah Fletcher on 01603 475605 if you need any information or advice on Photocopiers.

The Norfolk representative for Konica Minolta is Mark Hardy he is contactable on 01603 703040. Mark is responsible for all the Norfolk Schools. No other reseller of Konica Minolta is ESPO approved.

Danka are the only ESPO approves supplier of Infotech products within Norfolk.

RENT NOT LEASE. Only one document should be signed at the point of order to ensure that it is an ESPO rental, anything which refers to a finance company is in fact a lease.

NO MINIMUM, FREE OR INCLUSIVE COPIES SHOULD BE AGREED. This will increase the settlement costs of any unsatisfactory contracts and is only for the benefit of the supplier.

FREE IT SUPPORT OF NETWORKED/CONNECTED MACHINES. This can cost as much as £200.00 per annum and is free with Konica Minolta.

Please see ESPO Dealing Direct page 145. Contract 272d

Author: Mark Carway

Asset Manager.

Asset Manager is a custom database designed to provide a complete electronic inventory of all assets including equipment and furniture in your school.

It is the only computerised inventory package approved by the Norfolk Audit Services.

If you wish for a demonstration of the Software or you would some further information regarding Asset Manager or if you do already have Asset Manager and require assistance on the software, feel you need re-fresh training or think your inventory is out of date and requires assistance.

Please contact Leah Fletcher, Asset Manager on (01603) 475605

Author: Mark Carway