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SCHOOL ICT NEWS BULLETIN No 109 - 04/05/2007

Published by Children’s Services

e39.50 access for school library software.

e39.50 is a protocol that some school software uses to communicate with libraries to obtain book information. We have made arrangements to allow direct access to the British Library and the US library of congress. If you have software that requires this access, please contact the web services team to arrange a router change that will enable this for your school.

Select e39.50 or library software from the A to Z on the EFICTS website for more details.

Author: Jason Zelos

School Name Changes and Amalgamations – Domains, Email and Web space

I have compiled a list of all pending changes for 2007 with regard to domain names for schools that are being re–phased, new schools and amalgamated schools. The list can be found on our website under School Reorganisation 2007. If your school is affected by these changes you may like to take a look to ensure we have the correct information, and to see what your new domain will be.

Any questions or comments regarding domains, email or web hosting, please direct to the web services team at ICT Solutions.

Any questions or comments about school amalgamations please direct to Nuala McDonnell or James Webb at ICT Solutions.

Author: Jason Zelos

Information and Advice on Asset Manager, Telephones, and Photocopiers.

If you would like to know more information about Asset Manager, Telephones or Photocopiers this can be found via our website, by selecting the Contracts link from the left hand side of the Financial and ICT Services Website ( http://www.eficts.norfolk.gov.uk ), or by directly going to: http://www.eficts.norfolk.gov.uk/siteindex.asp?Sort=AlphaDetailed&cat=Procurement.

Author: Amanda Carr

E1 Release version 2.3.10

e1 Upgrade

The next upgrade to version 2.3.10 will be taking place between 5pm on Friday 27th April and 9am on Monday 30th April, and the e1 website will be inaccessible during that time.

Once the upgrade is complete, the Product Upgrade Notes will be available to view on our Financial and ICT Services Website: http://www.eficts.norfolk.gov.uk/, Click on School Management then e1 from the sidebar

We are developing this site to give you as much information as possible about e1. Here you will find helpsheets, work arounds, tips, information on future releases, progress reports on current issues, to name but a few. We would suggest it well worthwhile for all e1 users to make this page a favourite in their browser. And of course, we welcome feedback and suggestions from yourselves.

After you’ve logged in on Monday you’ll see Pearson’s Product Upgrade notes in the ‘Alerts’ section on the right of the page.

However, in advance of the upgrade it might be helpful for you to see a synopsis of the planned changes, which could help identify items you will want/need to view following the upgrade. These can be found using the same link to our web-site:

http://www.eficts.norfolk.gov.uk/, Click on School Management then e1 from the sidebar

Please bear in mind that there is always the possibility that some details may change in the final release.

Login improvement – increased security

The Synopsis of Changes refers to a new way of entering the pin code, which is both easier and more secure. This is also previewed on our web site.

Author: Jason Zelos