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SCHOOL ICT NEWS BULLETIN No 122 - 09/04/2008

Published by Children’s Services

Apology for the Internet Service Disruption on 5th February 2008

On Monday 4th February 2008 BT had agreed planned works that would be disruptive to the Norfolk Schools service between 1500hrs and 1800hrs.

The work scheduled was to replace the NPE400 processor on the internet router at Baynard House with a NPE–1G card. The work was completed as per schedule and testing of the internet service carried out.

On Tuesday 5th February ICT Solutions received reports from Schools of slow internet speeds. BT investigated the problem and found the interface on the firewall was showing half duplex causing the slow access. This was immediately corrected and service restored to normal speeds.

Although testing of the service had taken place, there was limited traffic going through the service at the time and speed issues were not evident.

BT would like to apologise to all schools for any inconvenience that was experienced due to this issue.

Author: Mark Carway

ESPO Contract Changes

The ESPO Contracts for Photocopiers and Telephone Systems has changed; please see ESPO Dealing Direct for the supplier’s names. The photocopier suppliers are not confirmed as yet. Please note that before signing a contract to seek advice from Leah Fletcher first. Leah will check the contract or quote and make sure that you are receiving the correct solution at the best value for the school.

If you would like any advise or further information and new suppliers names on photocopiers or telephone systems please contact Leah Fletcher on 01603 475605.

Author: Amanda Carr

Recording CRB and List 99 data in e1

In May 2006, new regulations came into force, making it mandatory to obtain enhanced CRB disclosures for all new appointments to the schools workforce and for those who have been out of the workforce for more than three months.

Currently in e1, a school may record CRB Status and date, CRB disclosure Reference Number, List 99 clearance and List 99 clearance date.

(CRB status and List 99 clearance are added in the Confidential tab in Personnel records. The CRB disclosure reference number is a Confidential Extra item in Personnel Records. More information is available on the ICT Solutions website at http://www.eficts.norfolk.gov.uk/newsdesk/?id=327

The ability to record additional personnel checks will be included in e1 from August 2008 in release 3.1. These include CRB Application – Date sent, CRB Clearance Level, CRB Disclosure – Date issued, Result of CRB Disclosure Review and Additional checks for those who have worked outside the UK. These form part of the School Workforce Census (SWFC), a mandatory return scheduled for National roll out in January 2010.

Information on the SWFC is available at http://www.teachernet.gov.uk/management/ims/datacollections/swfcpilot/

Please draw this information to the attention of staff tasked with recording CRB and List 99 data in your school. The more that is entered now into e1, the less required before the SWFC comes into force.

Author: Amanda Carr

E2BN Annual Conference

You can book now for the E2BN Annual Conference held on the 24th - 25th June 2008, at The Robinson Centre, Wyboston, Beds, MK44 3AR.

This two day conference is for heads, teachers and others concerned with the potential impact of ICT in education. The conference offers a chance to listen to world class speakers, engage in hands on workshops and see how innovation and best practice is offering new challenges to children across the region.

Visit http://conference.e2bn.org/ to confirm your booking.

Author: Michael Pickett

Secure IMAP, POP and SMTP

We have made changes to the network to allow schools access to secure IMAP, secure POP and secure SMTP outbound to any location. Schools may then use remote mail services securely via desktop clients. This will allow us to retain the security of filtering web based email for students but allow staff greater access.

Author: Jay Zelos