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SCHOOL ICT NEWS BULLETIN No 132 - 16/09/2008

Published by Children’s Services

NHS Nursing Laptops

As explained under correspondence in eCourier 256, dated 05 September 2008, the school nursing teams in Norfolk are to be equipped with Laptops to enable them to connect to the NHS network for patient records. These laptops have been vetted by ICT Solutions and approved for use on the schools network. The connection is encrypted and accessed via two factor authentication, a physical token and password. Network changes are gradually being applied to all schools to permit access, a list will be given to the school nursing team to coordinate with their training schedule. The School Nursing team will agree with the School about the provision of suitable office accommodation. The laptops should not require any special treatment, they will require a patched network point and power outlet in your nominated nursing office. Nurses are being encouraged to contact the network manager or IT representative at the school for any connection queries in the first instance.

Author: Jay Zelos

New Becta report on information handling in schools

Good practice in information handling in schools: Keeping data secure, safe and legal.

Following several high–profile losses of personal data by government agencies, the Prime Minister ordered a review into how government agencies handle data. As a result of this review, the Cabinet Office published a report on 25 June 2008, called Data Handling Procedures in Government. This sets out how the government is "improving its arrangements around information and data security, by putting in place core protective measures, getting the working culture right, improving accountability and scrutiny of performance".

These measures require both technical solutions and a change in practice, and are being implemented across central government and other public bodies. As such, the intent of these procedures should also be followed by schools and local authorities. This document aims to distil the key messages outlined in Data Handling Procedures in Government so they are applicable to schools and is intended for school leaders, senior leadership teams, network managers and other members of staff who have responsibility for handling and securing data.

There are four accompanying good practice guides:

  • Impact levels and labelling
  • Data encryption
  • Audit logging and incident handling
  • Secure remote access.

These guides provide a description of the procedures and suggest possible technical and operational solutions that can assist schools in minimising the risk of data security incidents and complying with existing legislation. These good practice guides should be read by school network managers and those responsible for implementing technical solutions.

The underlying principle of this guidance is that schools should do everything within their power to ensure the safety and security of any material of a personal or sensitive nature.

In following this guidance, schools will be able to identify:

  • data and information assets (information, stored in any manner, which is recognised as important or "valuable" – not just in financial terms – or important to the organisation), with named owners responsible for them
  • a framework for ensuring sensitive data is correctly labelled, managed and protected methods for the systematic assessment of risks and recording of data loss so that appropriate mitigating measures can be established.

Author: Becta

ICT Solutions Telephone Numbers

As you might be aware ICT Solutions was joined to the Norfolk County Council IP telephone system back in May this year to improve service and reliability.

Some of the original telephone numbers changed and a forward was set up between the old and new numbers. This forwarding service will be turned off over the next few weeks.

The telephone numbers between the range of 01603 475636 up to 01603 475699 will not work after this time. All other ICT Solutions numbers outside of this range are not affected.

If you have difficulty contacting ICT Solutions staff directly, please call the Service Desk on 0845 3033003.

Please note that the ICT Solutions Service Desk (0845 3033003) and Fax number (01603 475624) are unchanged.

If you need to contact the ICT Solutions Service desk without using the 0845 number (for example using inclusive calls from a mobile phone) the alternative is 01603 475603.

Author: Paul Williams

FREE   New Secretary Training

Do you have a new secretary in school who is new to either Phoenix Gold or E1? Training on either of these systems can be given free of charge to the school. The objective of the training is to provide new secretaries with the skills and knowledge to operate confidently within the school office. 5 x 3hr sessions are available, the first one being held in school using the school's live system, the rest being group sessions held at either PDC or Poultec at Mattishall.

The next sessions for Gold are:

  • 18.9.08 sessions 2 and 3
  • 3.10.08 sessions 4 and 5 Norwich PDC
  • 23.9.08 sessions 2 and 3
  • 15.10.08 sessions 4 and 5 King's Lynn PDC

The next sessions for e¹ are:

  • 6.11.08 sessions 2 and 3
  • 13.10.08 sessions 4 and 5 Norwich PDC
  • 25.9.08 sessions 2 and 3
  • 16.10.08 sessions 4 and 5 Poultec Mattishall

For further information or to book a place contact Rachel Hudson on 0845 303 3003.

Author: Rachel Hudson

Get even more out of your subscription with Espresso Primary Home Access!

You may be aware that our Espresso Primary Home Access service is up and running in Norfolk and available through your Netmedia Learning Platform. Your teachers now have full access to Espresso (including videos) as well as our 'Staffroom' and 'Community Area' from home. Espresso Primary Home Access is a great opportunity for you to:

  • Create and save exciting lesson plans from home
  • Review and research new content on the service
  • Find, view and save all Espresso curriculum–aligned resources

To help you promote awareness of this service and encourage your team to log in at home we have enclosed a staffroom poster.

There is a space on the poster for you to highlight your nominated VLE Supporter. This is the person in your school who you would first contact in the event of any difficulties with your Netmedia Learning Platform.

We hope that you have a great start to the new academic year and that your school finds our home access service valuable.

Kind Regards

Espresso Education

Author: Espresso Education

Peter Hemingway Award – Not too late to enter

It's not too late to submit your entry for the Peter Hemingway Award and a chance to win £5000 for your school! You still have until 17th October to tell us how you have made a difference to pupils learning through the use of broadband!

Previous winners (and recipients of a special discretionary award) have included:

  • St Thomas Aquinas Primary School, Milton Keynes – video conferencing
  • Stifford Clays Primary, Thurrock – Jolly Roger – A VLE home access project
  • Buckhurst Hill Primary School, Essex – Project Nerva – an interactive online role play

This award is open to all schools in the E2BN region using E2BN broadband.

Closing date for this award is 16:30 0n 17th October 2008.

Applications and guidance notes are available from http://www.e2bn.org/events/13/peter-hemingway-award.html

Author: Kathy Olsson