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SCHOOL ICT NEWS BULLETIN No 133 - 26/09/2008

Published by Children’s Services

NHS Nursing Laptops

As explained under correspondence in eCourier 256, dated 05 September 2008, the school nursing teams in Norfolk are to be equipped with Laptops to enable them to connect to the NHS network for patient records. These laptops have been vetted by ICT Solutions and approved for use on the schools network. The connection is encrypted and accessed via two factor authentication, a physical token and password. Network changes are gradually being applied to all schools to permit access, a list will be given to the school nursing team to coordinate with their training schedule. The School Nursing team will agree with the School about the provision of suitable office accommodation. The laptops should not require any special treatment, they will require a patched network point and power outlet in your nominated nursing office. Nurses are being encouraged to contact the network manager or IT representative at the school for any connection queries in the first instance.

Author: Jay Zelos

Important – e1 security

It has been brought to our attention that a company providing SMS text messaging services has been asking for log on details for e1 to assist with uploading parent contact details into their system. In doing so you could unintentionally breach data protection policy and reveal data to someone who is not authorised to have access.

If you need to obtain data from e1 such as parent contact details, it is possible to create a report that will export the data required and allow you to upload it to the service provider's website. Please contact ICT Solutions if you are unsure how to create reports and export data in e1 and they will guide you through the process.

Also remember to ensure you can see the secure sockets (padlock) symbol in Internet Explorer whenever personal data is uploaded or downloaded from trusted websites, otherwise there is potential for other people to see this information.

Can we please remind everyone that under no circumstances should you reveal log on details for e1 or any other system holding personal or confidential data. If in doubt, please refer to your data security representative in the first instance.

This is all the more important as data systems become web based or enabled to allow anytime–anywhere access for your users.

Just as a reminder there is already a recommended bolt–on messaging product that works directly with your live data in e1 (and many other school management systems) called Groupcall. For more information please contact the ICT Solutions Contracts team. Other products are available but please remember to fully research them and ensure that your school's data integrity is not compromised.

If in doubt, please contact ICT Solutions on 0845 3033003.

Author: Paul Williams

Logging a request for assistance with the Service Desk

Can I pass on my thanks to all schools for their patience throughout the early part of this term. We experienced a large volume of calls and have made every effort to respond to customer requests as efficiently as possible.

To enable us to continue with this level of service can I request that when customers are unable to get through to the Service Desk straight away they leave a message on our answer phone listing the precise nature of their call and who to contact. Can I also remind you that calls can also be logged via our website or by emailing ictsolutions@norfolk.gov.uk. Should you encounter any problems in getting through to the Service Desk please do not hesitate to contact me at andrew.white@norfolk.gov.uk.

Author: Andrew White


Please be aware of a photocopier company called Vision who is cold calling Norfolk Schools wishing to visit and upgrade your photocopier. This company is not an ESPO approved supplier.

Please be aware that the financial packages being offered by any supplier to settle your existing photocopier contracts may be expensive and in our view should not be entered into without taking advice.Any funds offered by any third party to help you to settle an existing contract may well be incorporated into a replacement contract and you should treat such offers with caution.

Please contact Leah Fletcher at ICT Solutions on 01603 475605 before signing any contract. Leah will bench mark any quotes you receive to help you decide on the best value solution for the school.

Author: Leah Fletcher