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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Changes to the Hosted SIMS Remote Desktop Service (RDS)

Posted on 24/11/2019 11:05:39

We are aware that some hosted SIMS schools have been sent the following information below by Capita, regarding forthcoming changes being made to their infrastructure. 

For the vast majority of Hosted SIMS customers there will be no impact.  Some customers who are running older Windows clients, especially Windows 7, may receive an error after the work has been completed.

Unfortunately, we do not have a definitve rollout schedule but are aware that schools will be updated in alphabetical order from Monday, December 2nd, through to December 31st. 


What is RDS?
As a Hosted SIMS user RDS is the way in which you gain access to the SIMS Application. After you have logged into SIMS ID and then “Click” on the Hosted SIMS Tile an RDS session is started in which the SIMS Application is run.
What is happening?
As part of our ongoing maintenance, improvement and security programmes we have built new 2016 backend servers. As part of this work we need to move customers to the new 2012 RDS farm to be able to utilise the new infrastructure. We have also taken the opportunity to rollout Office 2016 on the new RDS servers.
Why are you doing this?
The upgrade will provide enhanced security and performance and is essential to enable us to maintain the service at its optimal performance. Most upgrades are applied with no impact to customers, however, this specific upgrade is reliant on schools having up-to-date Windows client software installed on their local machines.
When is this going to happen?
The upgrade will be phased and schools upgraded in batches. We moved some schools over during October and we will re-start the process from 2nd December and aim to complete for all customers by the end of December 2019.
I’m not sure what I need to do?
If you do not usually manage the IT within your school, please pass this document to the relevant person.
How would this affect me?
As we upgrade schools there will be no impact or action required for most users. However, schools who are running some older Windows clients, especially Windows 7, may have an issue connecting and users may be presented with the following error “Your computer can't connect to the Remote Desktop Gateway Server. Contact your network administrator for assistance". The following information provides guidance on how to resolve the above error but if you are not the person who usually manages your IT please pass this information to the relevant person.
• For Windows 10 & Windows 8: ensure you are on the latest build of Windows 10 & Windows 8. These can be obtained/applied via the Windows Update Service.

For more information:


Please contact 0845 303 3003 or email ict@norfolk.gov.uk