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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Contacting the Service Desk via telephone - Alternative number available

Posted on 10/02/2020 12:59:01

We are pleased to offer our customers a choice in the way that they contact us via telephone. As more customers use mobile telephones, we are conscious that not all contracts include 0845 numbers or calling this number is decidedly more expensive. We are therefore making a Norwich telephone number available for people to contact us which will be included in most calling packages which include 01,02 and 03 numbers.


Taking effect immediately, you can contact the Service Desk via the original 0845 303 3003 number or 01603 475603. The applies to calls made from landlines as well. We will be updating our website, printed literature and email signatures accordingly to reflect this change.


For More Information:

Please contact the Service Desk on 01603 475603 or 0845 303 3003.

Alternatively, please email ict@norfolk.gov.uk