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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Microsoft Basic Authentication is being disabled from October 1st 2022

Posted on 18/05/2022 15:22:54

Microsoft have announced that from October 1st 2022, they will be disabling “Basic Authentication” to the M365 platform. This means any client (user app, script, integration, etc.) using Basic Authentication for one of the affected protocols will be unable to connect.


What is basic authentication?


In simple terms, it’s gaining access from an application in a less secure way. An example being your email account.


Why are they making these changes?


Basic Authentication is an outdated industry standard, and threats posed by it have only increased in the time since Microsoft originally stated that this change was being implemented. 


What will happen after October 1st?


The app will receive an HTTP 401 error: bad username or password.


What do I need to do?


In preparation for the change, please check to make sure none of your users are using basic authentication. For schools who have an ICT Solutions technician, we will be working with you to identify any potential affected users.



For more information, please contact the Service Desk on 01603 475603 or ict@norfolk.gov.uk