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User Guide

How to log into the AnyComms Plus website

The finance files downloaded from, or uploaded to, County Hall can be sent and received via the AnyComms Plus Website https://acplus.nsix.org.uk 



If you do not have a Username and Password please contact the ICT Solutions helpdesk (0845 303 3003) to request access to AnyComms Plus.


Password Reset Guide

In the latest update to Anycomms, you are now able to reset your own password without the need for you to contact the Service Desk. The following help sheet provides guidance on how to reset your password: https://icteducation.norfolk.gov.uk/page.aspx?id=1368


How to download a file(s) from County Hall

To download a finance or HR file, the user will receive an email notifying them that a file requires downloading.  Once an email is received log in to AnyComms Plus and then click the 'download a file' button.


There is an option to either download all files or to download single files.


To download a single file

Click the 'download' button next to the required file



Click on 'Save'

Once the file has been downloaded please ensure that it has not been renamed by the downloading process.  The file must be the same as the “File Name” shown within AnyComms Plus, e.g. 2015-09.txt not 2015-09[1].txt. 


Once this has been checked you can run the process within the Accounting Software that the file relates, for example, importing the monthly download or running an upgrade.


To download multiple files

There are 2 options for selecting multiple files to download.  Clicking the ‘Download All’ button will automatically download every outstanding file held within AnyComms Plus. 



Alternatively, you can cherry pick the files you wish to download by placing a tick against the files to be downloaded.  Once all of the required files have been highlighted click the ‘Download Selected’ button.



Click on 'Save'



Please Note: When downloading multiple files AnyComms Plus will place all of the files into a .zip file, which means you will be required to extract the files before running the process the file is required for in the Accounting Software.  Please speak to your ICT technician if you are unsure of how to do this.


To re-download file(s)

If a file that has previously been downloaded needs to be downloaded again this can only be re-downloaded via the AnyComms Plus website. 

Once you have logged into the website click the ‘Download a File’ button, and then click the “Previously Downloaded Files” tab.  This will list all files that have been downloaded for your school.


These files can be re-downloaded in the same way as described above for ‘New Files’.


How to upload a file to County Hall


When a finance file required by County Hall has been created by your Accounting Software the file can be transferred by logging in to the AnyComms Plus (as above) and clicking the ‘Upload a File to the Local Authority’ button.




Select “Finance” as in the ‘File Type’ and ‘Service’ drop down lists.  A ‘Description’ for the file can be added, however, this is not mandatory.


Repeat for each file you wish to send.

Once you have added all of the files you wish to upload to County Hall click the ‘Upload all Files’ button.

Once the files have been transferred a confirmation screen will appear detailing the files sent