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Sending Secure Email from Generic School Accounts


Sending emails between Norfolk schools using generic email accounts (those ending norfolk.sch.uk) is secure. The same can’t be said for email going out to other people on the internet; email has always been open to security risks such as being intercepted; it is an unfortunate flaw in the way email works. There are times when confidential information is required to be sent to outside agencies via email, such as Safeguarding and Police forces.


To make this as secure as possible ICT Solutions have implemented a way to send secure email to people outside the schools network which involves a very easy process for sending and receiving.



  • Anycomms+ is still the preferred method for transferring files securely
  • The guidance below will not work if you are using the inbuilt Mail App in Windows 10


Sending a secure email


To send a secure email, the process is:

  • Compose your email as normal
  • Before pressing Send

In Outlook Application

  • Select the arrow icon in the bottom right corner of the Tags menu


  • In the Properties window select Sensitivity and from the options select Confidential.


  • Click Close and then send the email as normal


In Outlook Webmail


Accessible via the URL: https://portal.office.com


  • Click the three dots and select Show message options

  • In the Sensitivity options select Confidential

  • Click OK and then send the email as normal



Receiving and reading secure email

When the recipient receives a secure email it will look like this


 It will have the Norfolk County Council logo at the bottom of the message and contain an attachment


  • Open the attachment called message.html
  • Select Use a one-time passcode on the webpage that opened from the attachment.



  • You receive a new email with a passcode clearly shown, copy the passcode.

Please note: the above email may well get delivered to your Junk E-mail folder

  • Paste the code in to the webpage.
  • Click Continue to read the email.


To reply to an encrypted message

  • Choose Reply or Reply All.
  • On the page that appears, type a reply and choose Send. An encrypted copy of your reply message is sent. This reply should enter your inbox as a normal message