ICT Services 4 Education


Office 365 Terms Of Use

  • Generic Office 365 accounts should only be used whilst a staff member is employed at a School/Academy/Trust. At the time employment ceases it is the responsibility of the establishment to inform us to change the password, to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Email accounts are to be used for education purposes only and not for inappropriate purposes or for sending large amounts of SPAM. Any accounts found to be doing so will be suspended immediately.
  • Every effort should be made by anyone issued with an account to keep the password safe and not share it with anyone else.
  • If using a shared device you must remember to log out of the account.
  • If an email account is configured on a personal device it should be password or pin protected to ensure the account is not accessed by unauthorised parties, especially in the event of it being lost. There may also be a School policy in place forbidding this.