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Office 365 - Password Requests 

Our current password policy for the generic accounts, as it has been for the past 10 years, is to set a password on these accounts and keep a secure record of it.  If you need reminding of this password we will send it via an encrypted email to the Head@ account only.  This way the Headteacher can be sure they are passing the password to the correct person - something we have no way of doing from here.

To further aid this process when you click through the 'Can't access your account' or 'Forgotten my password' option on the Office 365 login page at www.office.com, we will pick this up and send the password to the head@ account, without you needing to get through on the phone.

Here are the screens you will see when requesting this.....

Either click the 'Can't access your account' link straight away or enter your email address, click next and then click 'Forgotten my password.


Next you will get a 'prove you are not a robot' test.  If you are struggling to read it simply click the highlighted area to get another one.  Do not worry too much if you get it wrong, you will just be presented with another one.


We do not have 'self service password reset' enabled, so you will get this screen now.  Just click 'contact an administrator'.

You will be advised that 'we've sent an email to your admin requesting a password reset'.  We won't neccesarily reset it, but we will send what we have on record to the Head@ account as soon as we can.