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Steps to take if there is no interactivity/display when trying to project your screen


If you are experiencing no interactivity between the screen and your device check the following:
  • Is the screen switched on?
  • Check any cable that connects the screen and the device is plugged in at both ends
  • Is the cable plugged in to the correct port on your device? 
  • If you experience loss of certain colours on the display or are receiving intermittent display, try swapping the connecting device to projector lead with a new one or a known working one
  • Some devices require multiple cables; one for interactivity, one for the picture, one for the audio.
  • Are you correctly projecting your screen? For example, on a Windows device, holding down the Windows key + P will show where your screen is projecting to
  • Check the projector/screen is set to the correct input. On the projector/screen or remote control toggle through the various inputs until there is a display
  • Have you installed any relevant software required or is it running? You can check this by checking your programs/applications options