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Unable to access network resource (such as shared folders, printer etc)


  • Have you entered the correct username/password and address?
  • Is this the first time you've accessed the resource? If yes, you may need to speak to your ICT Co-ordinator/Technician to ensure you have the correct access rights
  • Check your network cable is connected to the PC you are working on and also connected to a network point on the wall. If it is, check there is a connection light where it is connected into the PC
  • Is the network cable in working condition? Try swapping with a known working cable
  • Is the network point on the wall active? If you are able to plug into another socket nearby, try it
  • Is the server turned on? If the server isn't on then there won't be any access to files or printers
  • Is the network cabinet powered? Ensure the lights on the network switches (typically made by HP) are lit up
  • Are the lights on the network switches flashing very rapidly in synchronicity? If they are, you could have a loop in the network

If you've followed the above steps and you're still unable to access the network resource, please contact ICT Solutions for further advice