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Netsweeper Logs Guide



Netsweeper has functionality to view which websites are being accessed in real time. This is a useful tool to check if websites are being allowed (in blue) or denied (in red), and can also be used to diagnose blocking issues.


Log Files


Navigate to ‘Logs’ from the Netsweeper Home Page and the click on the only option available ‘Request Log Files’



In the search bar type in default@926-???? (???? = DFE) or the IP Address if you know it



If you click on the magnifying glass at this point you will be shown a list of all URLs being accessed in real time



Blocked messages are shown in RED, in the example above you can see that URL is being blocked by Netsweeper as it is classified as Advertising.

Click on Pause to freeze the screen so you can analyse further.



Handy Tip: If you have trouble seeing what a user is doing because there is a lot of traffic get them to navigate to an obscure website (we use www.oxo.com), you can then see which IP address is viewing that website and add the address to the Client IP Filter to view traffic from that user.