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Netsweeper - Infected Hosts block page


When trying to access a web site you may receive the standard block message stating it is blocked as it has been categorised as "Infected Hosts".

This usually signifies that part of this website has been compromised by a virus and therefore the whole domain had been blocked.

The problem is that on shared hosting platforms, like aws.amazon.com and www.weebly.com where thousands of websites are stored, if one website is compromised it can cause all the websites to be blocked.

In this scenario we recommend you simply allow the website address you wish to access through your Local List, which will the override the 'Infected Hosts' block.

We do not recommend you allow the whole shared hosting platform address, as this will open up access to the infected website that caused the platform to be blocked.

If you are having trouble identifying the exact addresses that are causing this error then please refer to the Netsweeper Logs Guide in the first instance.