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How to read Secure Emails from Norfolk County Council

When a confidential email is sent from a user using a @norfolk.gov.uk email address the recipient will receive an email like the one shown below:
On Gmail/NSIX accounts we are aware that you may see a message like the one below on the email you receive.  As long as it is from a Norfolk County Council employee or team that you are expecting to receive emails from then you can proceed. If you are unsure, please do not proceed and seek advice from the Service Desk who will be able to check the individual or team mailbox is legitimate. 
On the email select the attachment (examples shown below) and click the ‘Download’ or ‘Open’ option (depending on which email service you use)
If using a mobile device it may prompt you to then open it in Google Chrome / Safari or your preferred browser. 
This will take you to the following message window. Select 'Use a one-time passcode'
 This may take a short while to load and will present the message ‘Loading, please wait..’ Please do not exit this page whilst it is still loading.
You will then receive a further email with the passcode in your mailbox. It will have the subject ‘Your one time passcode to view the message’. You must then open this email to retrieve the passcode.
Please note: The passcode expires 15 minutes after it is requested. 
It is important to note that the first time you receive the email containing the passcode it may be received within your junk or clutter folder. Please ensure that you check these folders before requesting it again.
Once the one-time passcode email is received, copy the passcode into the field as shown in the example below and click continue to view the email and any attachments:
Your encrypted email will then appear. 
It is important to note, you will have to input a new passcode every time you receive or read an encrypted email. You can opt to stay signed in for 12 hours by placing a tick in the tick box - 'This is a private computer. Keep me signed in for 12 hours.' This is ONLY recommended if you are going to be the only person using the device.

Responding to an Encrypted email

You would simply reply to the email by selecting Reply or Reply All. Any attachments added will also be sent encrypted.



What happens if I see this message? 

Please follow the advice.