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How the summer school and pupil census has changed

Changes to the return include the following:
School Census Summer 2022 Key Dates:
Census day 19/05/2022 
Attendance collected from 01/01/2022 to 17/04/2022 
Exclusions collected from 01/08/2021 to 17/04/2022 
Free School Meal collected from 21/01/2022 to 19/05/2022 
Alternative Provision Placements collected from 21/01/2022 to 19/05/2022 
Funding and Monitoring collected from 01/08/2021 to 19/05/2022

Census Return Browser Information 

The Census Return browser now includes the following information: 
Census Communications message box - the message box includes links to the newsfeed, errors and resolutions document, handbooks, DfE guidance and Support Unit website (if available). Any additional information to help with the completion of the return is also displayed, if applicable
Fileset - if a post-release fileset is imported, the import date is displayed in the browser
Consolidated database patch - if a post-release consolidated patch is applied, the patch ID and run date are displayed in the browser

Funding and Monitoring - New Panel

A read-only panel has been added to the Census Return Details page. The new Funding and Monitoring panel displays pupils with funding and monitoring information only
The panel includes a Recalculate button, and an Edit button, which takes you to the Update Funding and Monitoring page (also available via the Tools menu)

Funding and Monitoring – Updating

Tools > Statutory Return Tools > Update Funding and Monitoring
An additional column is provided on the Update Funding and Monitoring page to enable the total number of hours for the whole academic year to be entered. The value entered in this column must be greater than or equal to the cumulative hours at the summer census. The values entered in the Total Hrs for the Acad Yr column are not reported in the census
Where the number of hours fail validation, the cell displays a red background and an explanation is displayed in the footer
To deselect school-led tutoring, all of the existing hours must be removed for the selected pupil(s). Clicking the Undo button reverts the changes, if required

Funding and Monitoring - Recording Hours

Tools > Statutory Return Tools > Update Funding and Monitoring
It is now possible to record up to 999.99 hours in the following columns:
  • Cumulative Hrs at Aut Census
  • Cumulative Hrs at Spr Census
  • Cumulative Hrs at Sum Census
  • Total Hrs for the Acad Yr

Funding and Monitoring - Person Data Output Report

Routines > Data Out
The following Funding and Monitoring data items have been added to the Person Data Output (PDO) report: 
Year, school led tutoring, cumulative hours at Autumn, Spring and Summer, total hours for the academic year and notes