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Norfolk Cloud Portal

The Norfolk Cloud Portal enables school users to access a wide range of applications endorsed by the schools community through a single point with one user ID and password. Single Sign on can be used for some common applications used in Norfolk schools. We have developed the portal to include a range of third party suppliers which allow our Norfolk Google NSIX accounts to act as the log in to their cloud based applications. This is designed to save you time inputting multiple passwords into various applications, reduce the number of passwords you have to remember and reduce account administration by yourselves.

Logging on via the Norfolk Cloud Portal identifies a school user as a member of the Norfolk Learners network. We have set up the the Norfolk Learners Identity Provider as a trusted place that can verify that an individual belongs to an educational establishment in Norfolk. You can find more details here: 'Norfolk Learners Identity Provider'.

The Norfolk Cloud portal gives you access to an array of educational applications all of which are from suppliers that are endorsed by schools within Norfolk. In addition, the Portal gives you the opportunity to purchase online resources from leading educational content providers such as Espresso, J2E, 2Simple, Purple Mash.

What you need to do:

G Suite for Education

All schools on the Updata Broadband contract will automatically have access to G Suite for Education as part of this package.


If your school has a contract with Espresso via ICT Services, you will be able to access the application with no further action required.

Purple Mash /  j2e

If your school has a contract with one of the above companies directly, you will need to contact them and ask them to change your log in to use your Norfolk Google Account so that you can take advantage of the single sign on functionality the Norfolk Cloud Portal offers.

How can I nominate an application to be on the Norfolk Cloud Portal?

If you currently use a web based application within your school, which is not shown on the Norfolk Cloud Portal, and would like to have this considered for inclusion, please email ict@norfolk.gov.uk with details and we will liaise with the supplier to assess if they meet the criteria to be added on.

The Norfolk Cloud Portal is available to anyone with a NSIX Email account