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  • Bromcom - Accessing the Statutory Assessment Marksheets (Document)
  • Bromcom - Adding a New Exceptional Circumstance (Document)
  • Bromcom - Adding new roles and permissions (Document)
  • Bromcom - Amending Class or Group Attendance (Document)
  • Bromcom - Attendance Report with Contextual Data (Document)
  • Bromcom - Census Frequently Asked Questions (Document)
  • Bromcom - Create and upload TAB Files for the generation of NSIX Accounts (Document)
  • Bromcom - Create NSIX Email Accounts for Governors (Document)
  • Bromcom - Creating a Non Pupil Premium Dynamic Group (Document)
  • Bromcom - Dinner Money Balances and Payments (Document)
  • Bromcom - End of Year Procedure 2021 (Document)
  • Bromcom - Finalising Admissions (Document)
  • Bromcom - How to Add a New User with Third Party Permissions (Document)
  • Bromcom - How to Add and Edit a Base Pay Structure (Document)
  • Bromcom - How to Add and Edit a Staff Contract (Document)
  • Bromcom - How to Add New Staff and Users (Document)
  • Bromcom - How to Add TLR and Additional Allowances (Document)
  • Bromcom - How to Add Users and Reset Passwords (Document)
  • Bromcom - How to administer the Phonics screening check for Autumn 2020 (Document)
  • Bromcom - How to create a COVID19 teaching bubble (Document)
  • Bromcom - How to create and edit staff contracts (Document)
  • Bromcom - How to Import and Run the Blank Register (Document)
  • Bromcom - How to Set Up Meal Types and Definitions (Document)
  • Bromcom - How to set up part time pupils (Document)
  • Bromcom - How to Take a Dinner Register (Document)
  • Bromcom - School and Pupil Summer Census 2021 (Document)
  • Bromcom - Summer Census 2021 Error Resolution Guide (Document)
  • Bromcom Support
  • Bromcom Term Dates 2021 (Document)
  • NSIX - Identity system account creation for students and staff
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