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Accessing Multiple Mailboxes


Giving Permissions to Access Mailboxes

First, login to the account whose mailbox you would like to access (in this case finance@schoolname.norfolk.sch.uk)

On the Office 365 Home Page, Select the Mail Icon.

On the Mail Home Page, Right Click the Inbox


  • Permissions


This will open up the Permissions pane.


  • The “Plus” Symbol - In order to add a new user that can access the mailbox.


Type in the email address you would like to give permissions to (in this case office@schoolname.norfolk.sch.uk) and press Add.

Highlight the Account you want to give permissions


  • Permission Level Dropdown Menu
  • Choose Owner
  • Press OK to close the Permissions pane


N.B: Now you must logout of this account and login to the account that you would like to add the mailbox to (in this case office@schoolname.norfolk.sch.uk)

Adding the Mailbox to the Main Account
On the Mail App home page


  • More



This will open a new folder where you can see the account name
Right Click the Account name and select Add Shared Folder.



Type the email address of the account whose mailbox you would like to access in the box (in this case finance@schoolname.norfolk.sch.uk)


  • Add


The mailbox should now be available on this account, under the “More” tab.

N.B: For multiple mailboxes this process has to be repeated each time to add a new Mailbox.


Removing the Shared Mailbox


Right Click the Mailbox you would like to remove.


  • Remove Shared Folder

The shared folder has now been removed.